Travel Training

Travel TrainingLearn to safely & independently use public transit.
Your link to independent travel. With patience and practice, you can safely, confidently, and independently use accessible public transportation to expand your travel options. Enhance your ability to live, work, play, shop, vote, pursue an education, raise your family or volunteer in your community. We’ll be with you every step along the way.

Travel Training

Who is eligible? Travel training is available to older adults, people with disabilities and others living with mobility limitations who reside in the metro-Denver area and who live within the RTD public transit system.

Travel Training – We’re ready when you are!
Before ever riding a bus, an expert travel trainer conducts an in-home visit with each individual to get acquainted and determine travel goals. Training includes:

  • An individual and family assessment
  • Individualized training plan
  • Planning a bus trip using a route schedule and map
  • Getting on and off buses using proper fare and equipment
  • Identifying landmarks
  • Transferring from one bus to another
  • Use of safe pedestrian skills
  • Problem solving while traveling in the community
  • Learning travel rights under federal legislation
  • Effectively communicating travel needs with transportation employees

An ideal candidate for travel training is motivated, willing to learn new ways of travel and understands the importance of being safe in the community. The travel trainer will work with a trainee for as long as it takes to insure confidence in independent travel.

Travel trainers have thorough knowledge of medical aspects of disabilities, sensory motor functioning, psychosocial aspects of disability, human growth and development over the lifespan, travel concepts, systems of transportation, mobility and information access devices, travel skills and techniques and assessment, instructional methods and strategies.

Via offers an abbreviated travel training program for groups, Seniors on the Move. Via also provides Train the Trainer programs.

Registration fee: $25.

Susan Unger, Travel Training Instructor/Coordinator
Professional Travel Instructor
303-447-2848 ext. 1048